“Innovation is change that unlocks new value”  – Jamie Notter

I think the quote above explains the answers to alot of the questions we had as a class. Its hold the key to why it has been difficult to find information on our artifacts as well as how we insert value into things.  At least that’s what my personal speculations have led me to believe.

Objects hold a ton of history in them, as most of us have discovered through working with our artifacts, but often we need humans to translate that history for us. Without that translation, uncovering the history of an object can be very difficult. I believe as people, its is up to us to provide that translation, thinking of the people who may anaylize the objects we use today in the future, but just like previous generations, we are not doing a very good job.

Some may argue, we certainly are doing a good job. We document all of the new technology and major social events, just as they did on the past, but that will leave the people of the future right where we are today. We know a ton about what technology was developing at pivital points of history, but we don’t know much about how people used everyday objects. For instance, my artifact was a candle holder. You try finding the history of candle holders. Not very much information available out there, but if you look up the history of candles, you can find an overwheleming amount of information. My theory is that the invention of the candle had a major impact on society which is why it was well documented, however the candle holder just developed as an everyday household product which didn’t have major changes to society. This brings me back to the point innovation creates value and historically, we give a story to objects and situations that reflect the values of society at the time.

That brings me to my second point of how we define value as a society.  In society, values are created based upon what has a huge societal impact, but it also works that way on a personal level as well.

In our current society, many people put value into technology, but even those who don’t are directly impacted my technological innovation. For instance, school and jobs are very well shifting to technology based systems. I know when I was in middle school, most things could be done with pen and paper and the biggest piece of technology that I needed in school was a calculator. Now, my sisters are in middle school and they turn in most assignments online. The studying that they do is online. They have to type papers and projects up verses handwriting them and they are even moving towards completely online technology. This forced my household, who is not very fond of advanced technology, to have to move with the values of society because it has become so important to society.

We personally give value to things that have impacted us significantly as well.  Think back to the first weeks of class when we had to bring in an object that represented us. My object was a toy basketball. To many people, that would be considered just another toy or a piece of junk, for me it holds value because it represents familly to me as well as itt has shaped my career path and educational choices. Without the introduction of basketball to my life, most of my goals and inspirations would have probably taken a completely different route.