What is exposition you ask?
Exposition writing for me gives me the freedom to express how I would speak about a topic. It helps my words flow better without adhering to a certain style. I think that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most semester, is giving a background to an item with my own lens. Dr. Wharton had previously told me that my makeup compact was already done but to not feel daunted by what this other student wrote because what I would have to say about it would be different. Through different platforms I was able to express my own take on a theory.

Exposition is more of an objective form of writing versus persuasion. Readers can learn so many different things through different authors about one item. Expository writing gives voice to diverse points of view and different object histories. Persuasive writing can be targeting and a false source of biased information. Expository writing gives light to a subject, more information to the audience.

So this post too is expository writing, I’m informing you on my take on the definition. Objects do that as well, without you realizing they tell you a story. Like many of the readings we’ve had this year, there are different ways to speak about an item. Everyone has their own story and take. Expository writing is a diverse area; it was a pleasure to experience the semester.