When I first entered this class back in August, I had no idea what to expect. I had initially tried to sign up for the Persuasion part of the course but they filled up fast. So I was stuck with Expository and my initial feeling and thoughts toward expository writing have always been something like: “this is boring” “how do you expect me to explain without sounding passive.” Ultimately I was very skeptical about this class at first. Was it going to be boring? Would the teach be nice? How difficult would the class be? When our instructor told us that we were not going to be doing traditional writing like writing essays, instead doing multi modal projects, all I could think was “One less class to worry about” and “no more papers to write” and “this class is going to be easy.” Never have I ever been so wrong in my life. In fact it was because this class got you thinking multi modally that made it challenging.

Learning about “expressive discourse” and using “concrete examples” to explain your ideas and trying to figure out the meaning of objects was all so overwhelming. It was then my thoughts of this class turned from “this going to be an easy semester” to “this semester is going to be the most stressful semester.”

Expository writing is one of the most difficult writing skill sets to learn because how one might communicate something could have a completely different meaning to someone else. I could be writing in active voice but someone else won’t read it that way. The blurred lines of expository writing is something that we still need to work on in the writing community. If there’s one thing that I gathered from this class, the thing that I think made it difficult, was learning that expository writing and exposition if not always expressed in words. To go from writing the dreaded  five paragraph essay, with an introduction, main idea, three sub-points, and a conclusion, to using digital media to express those same ideas was all so mind boggling and liberating for me.

Exposition by definition is a “comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.” But I think exposition should be about making sure that you convey your ideas to your reader to the best of your ability. Because face it, not everyone is going to understand your “comprehensive description.” We should understand that we are the vessels for our ideas. We are in control of how we want to express these ideas and we should take pride in that.