I want a puppy. I want a new laptop. I want tickets to go see my favorite artist. Do I need these things? Not necessarily, but it would sure make your girl happy. What is it about wanting things that makes us go crazy? I mean I can always wait to move out to have a puppy, but then it wold be like taking care of a child and I can barely take care of my self. I don’t need a new laptop, sure the one I have is chipped and cracked in  a few places, but it serves its purpose. As long as I can still write my papers and get my assignments done there really is no need for new laptops. As far the tickets, there’s always the chance that the artist will return to Atlanta next album cycle. I just rationalized my way out of making impulsive decisions. Why can’t we all do that and what can’t it be that simple?

I get it sometimes we just gotta have things, but do we honestly believe this? If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from studying material culture is that at the end of the day stuff is really just……stuff. I enjoy the fact of thinking about a furry little creature cuddle up next to me, or the latest version of Windows, or being in crowd enjoying the music. But I am also very much aware that these needs or desire pretty much reflects human nature. Humans think that by connecting to stuff, means that it becomes more real.

The one thing I never understood is why some people act to irrationally on their needs. Take apple for example. Every 6  months or so they announce a new version of the same product and every year people camp outside best buys, or crash the internet just because they gotta have the next big thing. But what if that next big thing already exists at a cheaper price? Whatever happened to just appreciating and being grateful for the things that you already have? That’s why I don’t get black Friday. If I’m supposed to be thankful for the things that I have. then why would I wake up at 3 in the morning, trying to trample a little kid over something that I don’t need? Surely you can see some irony in this.



I have used both a samsung commercial and an Iphone commercia to demonstrate the kinds of “fads” that we are always sucked into.


For whatever reason human beings feel connected to objects I hope that they realize that sometimes its good to think things through. I mean I’m not really one to talk either as I look at different animals shelters in my area. But it should be a lesson that if we paid more attention to each other and what we have than we wouldn’t need to rely so much on objects.