This prompt is definitely something I’ve considered, sometimes on a daily basis.I work in a retail environment that is FULL of want. However, to sell an item you must label it as a need. So that means that I have to tell people they NEED this $400 creme for their skin and why they should spend more money on this versus any other creme. It’s not easy to watch someone pull their funds together to afford this but people like that keep a company thriving. When people spend money on luxury items it in turn keeps a job and a company from going under (bigger picture).
I’m not against people buying as a want thinking they need it. Of course, I have a problem with people trying to afford things that they can’t but that’s called free will. Spending does help the economy and if we only bought the necessary items than there would be a downfall on the economy. It’s important to support local business as well and even though some items are not necessary, consumers are helping support people.
Advertising definitely plays a huge role in defining what we need vs. desire. Advertising supports an entire world of making things that people do not need a need. The products we desire are a reflection of things that make us happy. Some people need new clothes every week to make them happy; clothes are a basic necessity but the clothing business strives to sell to a variety of people. The amount of money we spend on clothing is influenced by social constructs. So if someone’s desire is to impress people with their physical appearance, there are companies to support that desire. Movies, TV and Music play a role in making people who value material over basic necessity. Media creates the desire; companies aim to support it.
Media is the above all influence on our desires. There are powerful companies that dictate what goes into the media. They’re not fooling anyone and our generation lives for it. We consume so much through media, its available to us so readily now. There’s so much innovation but above all its to sell products and there are companies that hold that model, that aim to help people as well. I believe media consumption plays a big role in deciding what we want, from when we were children to now.