Thinking of “smart things” has me thinking of different sci-fi and horror movies like “Chucky” and “I, Robot” in which one involves a narcissistic, serial killing doll, and the other with Will Smith  saving the world from evil robots trying to enslave the human race. Neither one of them offers me any comfort about our advancements in technology, but it still fills me with awe and wonder with how far we’ve come and how far we’re going to go with technology. Soon we could have microchips implanted in our brain where we just think of someone to call and we can hear them in our heads or something like that. I don’t know, I’m not what you would call tech savvy in fact I tend to reject new forms of technology, like the new windows 10 update. But I’m also not tech illiterate either, and once I get the hang of things I can be just as brilliant as any engineer out there. I think technology and the whole idea of “smart things” can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you view it.

Like Carla Diana’s initial disappointment to Karotz, I too have been let down or frustrated by technology and also like Diana, I too have come to learn and accept technology’s perfect imperfections. When I first got windows 10, I admit I was a little excited. I heard so many awesome and cool things about it, how it was supposed to be better than windows 8 (I have 7), easier to use, and in particular the new feature Cortana who like Iphone’s Siri, if typed or asked a question it was supposed to give answers or updates, or reminders-pretty much your digital assistant. Initially I was impressed with Windows 10, however it took me awhile to figure out how to use Cortana, and having to create a microsoft email to access some of the apps was also annoying, plus it added some apps that I’ve never even heard or rarely use. But nonetheless I have learned to accept windows 10 and I figured as long as it serves it purpose, then I won’t judge it.

Technology has become so mind boggling that stuff that you only saw in the movies are actually coming to life. I’m talking about drones here. Those tiny little pilot-less robots that can zoom in directly to your house, see watch show your  watching and what service your using and then report it back to its government headquarters because the government is ALWAYS watching you. This sounds like I’m paranoid and I’m not, but some people actually think this way when it comes to drones, but what if drones were used for a more economic purpose. According to Jeremy Craig’s article “The Future of Drones” he addresses some of the issues with drones, one being a major invasion of privacy if used by those  tech savvy criminals and like in my paranoid rant, government drones that are used to “spy” on people. But drones can also have a more commercial use, he says for example, farmers can use drones to watch over and control their crops and marine biologist can use them to keep track of the animals they rescue. Real estate agents can use them to survey the land and I’m sure there are countless other positive uses for drones, but again baby steps.

I think with technology its one those things that can be good or bad depending how you view it. On one hand technology can be used to help others when you talk about advancements in medicine or finding ways to conserve energy. On the other hand I think the reason why people are scared of new technology like drones or Karotz, because even though they’re objects people tend to give them human characteristics. I mean you can talk to Siri or Cortana and they’ll talk back, ask them questions and they’ll answer. Where is the line that is being drawn? I just hope that technology doesn’t become so advance that we forget about actual human interaction.