Smart Threads

I’m a huge fan of wearables. The world of tech is littered with smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, bangles, and other near field attachments that promise us a better life through data. 2015 is the year of the smart watch; the release of the Apple Watch has made smart watches relevant to people who may never have thought to wear a computer on their wrist.

I was really big into buying into the smart watch, so much so that I bought an Apple Watch. But embracing smart watches shows a nearsighted approach to technology. Watches are after all, only one venue for expression, limited to one display and one point of interaction. Wearables, on the other hand should be about more than just engaging our wrists, they should seek to engage our whole bodies.

My vision of the future is bigger than the smart watch, and extends to something that Alphabet, (née Google) is working on–smart clothing. Google’s Project Jacquard is all about changing the way that we collect data and metrics from day to day by moving the sensors away from our wrists or our heads, and into the actual weave of our clothes.

To drive the conversation away from wearables, I think what makes objects truly smart is a lack of limits. The wearable in its current state is a limited device, with few real world applications. As design and technology progress, utility will become a part of everything we buy and wear.

Cue cheesy song about progress.