Burning Man is a yearly gathering that takes place in Black Rock City in Nevada, thousands of people gather to experience a community like nothing else. There are art instillations, creative workshops and music to enjoy for about seven days while camping. Perhaps the most intriguing part about this gathering is that there are absolutely no vendors, you live on what you bring and others bring. It is encouraged to participate in a “gifting community”, which is highlighted in the article I have attached. This encourages connections and forming strong bonds through gift giving, whether it be small or large.

This entire concept truly illuminates the connection we have with things as well as the people attached to them. Whether it be a small bracelet or food, a survey done found that many people liked receiving gifts. How do we connect through gift giving? Do your feelings relate to the object or the act? Do you think free devalues the item given?

Read the article above and really enjoy the idea :)image