It may not be sharp, but it’s deadly!

It may not be sharp, but it’s deadly!

In his article What Is a Machete, Anyway? John Cline discusses how a machete can be a tool and a weapon. Doing a quick google search on baseball bats, I found most of the entries were about the object as a tool for playing a sport. But about 3/4th of the way do)wn the...

Death in Russian myths is a bony old woman with big teeth, dressed in a white shroud. She has a scythe, a saw, a rake and a spade. Her house is in the underground world. There are a lot of candles in her home and each of them represents somebody’s life. When a candle is burned out, a man dies. When a child is born, Death lights a new candle. Sometimes Death turns into a beast or a bird. If one sees it at the head of a sick man, he will die, if at his foot – he will recover.

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A or B. 1 or 2. Why not C or 3?

As a teacher it is easy to get caught up in merely right or wrong. You either got the answer, or you didn’t. There simply is no in-between. No room for another option. No room for a possible second correct answer. And that, to me, is the rut that John Maguire is...